hi there u look good today ^^ welcome to my blog!i love elounor and i post edits. i'll be happy to answer your questions :) ) ) ENJOY
Can I say something about the whole 'management' thing. Not to you, but more to the people/fans. The thing is that I work at a management bureau and fans seem to claim soo much that has been done by 'management' when in reality a management bureau doesn't have that kind of power. We can't tell who to date, what to tweet or what to do. The only thing we can do is give (a strong) advice. It's not even legal to put stuff like that in a contract... I really like your blog btw :)

thank you so much ^^

What's your favorite song atm? I need new music on my phone lolz! xx

i listen to random and sometimes old music that was popular long ago you might know all of them. i’ll tell you ones i listen to right now :)

1. Coldplay-speed of sound / sleeping sun

2. mumford and sons- whispers in the dark/ the cave

3. arctic monkeys- i wanna be yours

4.birdy- her covers of wake me up/let her go/the A team

5.Ed Sheeran, i listen to all of X right now i love photograph, one and thinking out loud most :)

that’s all i could remember now :) hope i could help! ^^

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ya’ll we barely know shit about louis, lmao he’s got a fucking dog. i bet louis’ ass owns a strip club and we dont even know

Favorite Elounor photobooth picture from the This Is Us Premeire? I know there's a lot, and it's so hard to choose because they all so freaking cute!! :) Mine has got to be either the kissing one and like see like laughing into it like omg adorableeeee! Or that one where she made that cute bubbly face with puppy dog eyes and Louis' smiling into her hair like a proud idiot. Like 'hell yeah this is my girlfriend!' What about yours? :) x.

It’s not hard at all, the one with them laughing is like my favorite photo of them EVER haha :) I always say that photobooth is the most important thing that has ever happened about them :) the other one with bubble face is my number two favorite too! I hate myself for saying it, but god bless whoever posted those photos, I doubt boys would know that those would be posted and it makes it kinda creepy, but I love them :) x

Did they kiss at the This Is Us Premeire? Like I saw like one picture and i was wondering if you know any like other pictures or like gifs/ videos of that? Y'know whatever. :))) xx.

i think he just whispered to her :) here is the gif in the middle and here’s the photo of the same thing from another angle :) there are a lot of pics of Louis kissing Anne, which people thought was Eleanor so don’t trust other photos  :) xx

Which song do you think describes Louis and Eleanor relationship the best? Preferably One Direction songs. And I'd like your opinion on any other song choice as well. :) x.

Strong? Haha :) even if I didn’t know that Louis wrote it, I would say Strong cause for me it perfectly describes how their relationship works :) xx

Are Eleanor and Harry friends?

Yeah, sure, when harry and Louis lived together in 2011 they had nye party and there were photos of Eleanor’s best friends with harry, they seemed to be quite close, if harry knew eleanor’s friends well, he would have been on quite good terms with Eleanor at first, and also harry introduced her to Louis so :) xx