it’s extremely cute how both of them were smiling while hugging each other ^^

Anonymous asked: I think he's just fine w/how things are going for him right now. There's no rush to get married. Shoot, My parents were together for 13 YEARS & had 3 kids before they finally got "married", I'm 21 now, so like—marriage doesn't define a relationship. I don't care if I get married one year in a relationship or 10 years, if I'm enjoying my life w/ that person each & every day, that's all that matters. 22 is still so young, People should give him more credit, he's got a good head on his shoulders.😊

sure ^^

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Anonymous asked: also looking at louis past (his mothers past marriages/relationships) it's likely louis has a skewed image on marriafe. which is understandable. marriage isnt for every couple. not saying they wont ever get engaged but i personally think it wont be for a long while.

i agree with you, it can totally affect him, i don’t think that they are so old that we should look for reasons why they aren’t getting married haha :) Eleanor just graduated she doesn’t even have a job yet as far as we know, maybe someday they will, but no reason to hurry :) xx

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Anonymous asked: I do not understand why Louis denied that was engaged to Eleanor as if the idea frightened him. Soon he kept saying that he wanted to marry. Does he really love her? I'm in doubt now.

i will never understand it, you don’t have to marry someone to love them, especially when you’re 22 and world famous and on the road for most of time, the ring on the finger doesn’t define the feeling, and he’s not scared he’s just not engaged and isn’t planning yet, it’s not really the best time for him to do it anyways so everything’s great :) xx

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Anonymous asked: Do you think eleanor is still in the usa??

probably, the tour is over in over in 4 days anyways :( so i don’t think she would leave, but not sure :) xx

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