Anonymous said:
i hate when people are so disrespectful toward Eleanor. She is so cute,if her and louis were faking a relationship they wouldn't act how they are with each other. They clearly love eachother!!!

clearly ^^

Anonymous said:
What if Jay through the flower thing, and El caught it? cx

that’d be so cool haha :)) she was tallest one out of girls there i think so it wouldn’t be difficult for her haha :) xx

Anonymous said:
Felicite confirmed on instgram that El was the maid of honor. She would have been helping Jay out with anything she need and that's probably why we didn't see her a lot.

probably that’s what i think too :) x

 said: Jay might or if it was professionally done theyd have to post it on a gallery, figure out that and we might have it

i hope so, nobody expected that photobooth photos would come out, but they did.. so let’s hope someone will post them ^^

I’m sure there is Elounor picture from wedding, like the one that Liam posted of him and sophia, it was taken with the same camera as the pic from Lou’s insta of her, El and Sophia, it means someone would take photos of the guest. and give them the printed ones. I’m sad ..

Anonymous said:
Don't you think it's a bit weird that Eleanor is the one who stands next to Jo, instead of lottie? No hate just wondering why she would let el stand next to her instead of her own children. Love the blog btw xx

it is kinda weird but i’ve heard that Louis was the best man,that means he would stand next to Dan during ceremony so i guess they made it this way because Eleanor would walk in the church with Louis :) or she just stood there for a photo :) xx

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