hi there u look good today ^^ welcome to my blog!i love elounor and i post edits. i'll be happy to answer your questions :) ) ) ENJOY
Do you think if Eleanor will go to Louis football match this month, we get pictures?? (Sorry for my bad english)

she’s been to all of his matches so i think she will :) fingers crossed :) xx

I need bew Elounor pics!!! I miss Elounor:( :'(

the world needs more Elounor!


I aspire to be that band member girlfriend who the fans run style blogs about

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But you're throughs were do you think he is? Whit El?

i guess, most likely they’re in London..i but i really can’t tell for sure, his family is on the vacation he could be with them, or he could be in London to finish the album, and Eleanor could be anywhere as well, i don’t think about it cause if we get no proof to say where they are there’s no point in guessing :) xx

Where do you think Louis is, in LA with his friends or in London with Eleanor? :)

i have no idea, as i said, we won’t see him, he will appear on 6th will play football match and then disappear again :) haha meet 2014 Louis Tomlinson :) xx

What you say won't change my mind to ship Elounor. What I say wont change your mind to ship Larry. So I dont understand how people still send hate to each other. Ship/believe what ever you want and enjoy the music. At the end of the day we're all here for the music. Because we love their voices, the lyrics, their personalities. Fighting over thing we really dont know is a waste of time. yes, I like your blog. I ship Larry. Yes its possible. No I dont hate on you. People need to start getting it

YES! Haha that’s what I say all the time :) bless you ^^

Hello (: I would like to start of with the fact that I believe in Larry but I love your Elounor blog. I know it may seem weird to most but that's me. You're the only Elounor blog I go to 'cause you're nice, polite and funny with your replies. Personally, I've never sent hate to any Elounor shipper (in fact one of my close friends loves Elounor). I respect everyone's opinion. I find it ridiculous to fight each other when it all comes down to us loving Louis.

Thank you sweetie ^^ its not strange at all, we are all humans and we like the same band so why should make enemies out of each other, It’s a bit funny when you think about it :) thank you so much for being here ^^