Anonymous asked: Are you a louis girl?:)

oh i do love louis :) i don’t like calling things names I’m sorry I’m so weird lol :) xx

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Anonymous asked: Did you know that a picture of Louis is in a porn blog lol I don't think they know it's him but it has nearly 2,000 notes haha

Sorry anon I forgot to answer :) I didn’t know it lol, they probably just liked him and thought he would be perfect for their blog haha :) xx

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Anonymous asked: what did el say about her weight?

Last ask I answered :) xx

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 People keep calling them fake, i say they know nothing about them …

Anonymous asked: what is the other anon talking about? did eleanor say something about her weight recently? :)

here :) xx

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Anonymous asked: I feel so bad for el talking about her weight :-( I have so much love for her and your blog !!! Xxx

thank you ^^ it is sad,  so many people discussed her weight during last months sadly, she had to say that and hopefully, people will stop now :) xx

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Anonymous asked: You're so sweet and adorable and I don't think if you know this but it's so hard to find respectful and lovely persons in this fandom lately. You are a sunshine. And amazing. Hope you have a good day. And I love you. Bye.

awww thank you lovely ^^ that’s sooooo sweet of you :’) I’m not that great but I’m so happy to be associated with nice things for you ^^ lots of love xx

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