Louis at the Keepmoat Stadium to support the Doncaster Rovers Football Club. (7/27)

Anonymous said:
Hi! :) so Louis today was in Doncaster whatching Doncaster rovers do you think after the match he went to London to see Eleanor xx

Who knows where she is, she could be there as well as in London. I have no idea :) xx

Anonymous said:
To clarify since I've been a rovers fan since birth :) He still co-owns the team! He just didn't raise the money to promote the club to the premier league.

Thanks for info ^^ that’s what I’ve been thinking :)

Anonymous said:
He spends his time with Eleanor because they live together :) that's what Phoebe and Fizzy said on their Instagram

I’m not sure It’s Phoebe’s instagram tho, why would she put watermark on a private photo of her brother, and post 5 different versions of it? :) xx

Anonymous said:
Didn't stuff come up and he wasn't able to actually end up owning the team?

Oh sorry I’m terribly unreliable, I saw an article telling he couldn’t raise money for the team, isn’t he co-owner now?

Anonymous said:
Why when Louis have time to stay with Eleanor, he is always with his friends and in Doncaster whatching football? ? Its meke me sad when he can spebn time with El he is just whatching football:(

Well It’s his job now, he owns a team so he has to attend all of their games, we haven’t seen him after wedding who know who he has been spending his time with :) xx

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